Going to the grocery store and walking like a normal human


I was grinning uncontrollably at the grocery store last week. And again today as I pushed a shopping cart around Trader Joe’s. 

A month after being able to wear two shoes, I am now walking with a cane — on a part-time basis. That means I am able to go grocery shopping like a normal person.

Congratulations to me and a great big thank you to you for laughing at my self-mockery and empathizing with my grumblings. Some of the things I had to do while on crutches were absolutely ridiculous. That would include practically crawling up the front steps to my apartment when I first got my metal legs. (I didn’t have enough muscle in my left leg to hop up five wide steps. Now that’s a different story.) I also learned to drive left footed. Don’t worry, I’ve gotten pretty good at it. 

As you may recall, after I fell on my ankle at a volleyball tournament in April I was having a hard time adjusting to living with crutches. I thought I might have to join a support group. 

Well after almost six months, we said our goodbyes last week when the cane entered the picture. 

I’ve never been one to lie or blur lines, so the metal legs had to go. A foursome is really not my thing. (Apparently neither was the threesome.) 

The cane comes in handy after a few hours on both feet. My right foot is still getting used to walking and being used. It’s mostly the bending involved when you step that my foot seems to be nagging about. I guess it’s wondering why we’re suddenly having to do that again. But yes, I can walk. Slowly.  

I think I should celebrate with a “I can walk now” party. Everyone will be required to hop to the kitchen on one leg for their booze. 


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