News and feature articles for the L.A. Times, others

As a journalist, I covered the cities of Santa Monica, Long Beach, Burbank, Culver City and Mission Viejo, among others, for newspapers and blogs in Los Angeles and Orange counties. I also wrote for a small magazine on Latino art and culture and I am interested in writing first-person essays, long form and investigative pieces. I have photography and design experience, including creating WordPress sites.

A first-person essay appeared in Proto magazine, a national magazine produced by Massachusetts General Hospital. The story is about forgiveness and making amends with my father in a hospital room after a massive stroke in 2015.

Below are links to my work that appeared in the Los Angeles Times and The Orange County Register, among other publications.

New businesses, including Tesla and largest U.S. IKEA, coming to Burbank (

World Empanadas – World of confusion dealing with city codes (

Understaffing at Burbank Police Dept. and recruiting challenges (

Burbank loses appeal in case of former deputy police chief, could be paying out $2.6 million (

Importance of CALEA accreditation to Burbank police (

Burbank businesses hit with ADA lawsuits (

Judge tosses out Burbank’s request for a retrial (Burbank Leader)

Diversity still a problem for Burbank police (Burbank Leader)

Burbank plans to hire new police chief; interim leader may apply (Los Angeles Times)

Burbank police officials split on leadership change (Burbank Leader)

Trial for female Burbank officer to begin; third trial in as many months to involve allegations of ethnic harassment and discrimination (Burbank Leader)

Burbank businessman arrested for feeding pigeons near airport (Los Angeles Times)

Businesses hit with barrage of suits (Burbank Leader and Glendale News Press)

Burbank couple gets stolen VW back 20 years later, but has to pay (Los Angeles Times)

101-year-old photographer killed near his Burbank studio mourned (Los Angeles Times)

The next four articles address Burbank’s municipal golf course operating in the red, needing a bail out and making changes to get back in the black. One such move included changes to its par-3 course to allow disc golfers to play alongside traditional golfers.

Council tees up for DeBell review  The City Council agrees to hire the National Golf Foundation (NGF), a non-profit based in Florida, to help turn around its struggling DeBell Golf Club. The municipal course needed a $2 million loan from the city to cover an operating deficit of about $718,000.

DeBell’s management structure scrutinized as city ponders revamp  After a draft report on recommended changes is made public, city leaders would not comment on whether the operating structure of the golf club would change, which was one of the major recommendations of the consultant. Changing the operating structure of the course could save money and streamline operations. The recommendation followed a public apology by the parks and recreation director for not taking appropriate action sooner. The course had been losing about $300,000 annually for the last few years.

Fore! Disc golf comes to DeBell  Disc golf comes to DeBell’s par-3 course as a way to increase revenues. The growing sport put DeBell in a unique spot in that it was one of two local courses to offer disc play alongside traditional golf. The other local course brings in at least $5,000 a month in revenue from disc golfers.

DeBell Golf Club seems headed for the green  Financial statements indicated DeBell brought in more money than it spent, a change from the previous years. City officials were also eyeing a long-range plan that included the possibility of a single operator, as recommended by NGF. The roughly 100 people that turned out for the debut of disc golf was also a move in the right direction as it could mean more revenue, officials said.

A treasure trove of film history (Burbank Leader)

Burton fans pay “Nightmare” tribute (Los Angeles Times)

Her efforts can help change South L.A., girl says (Los Angeles Times)

Plane view? Not totally (Los Angeles Times)

Envisioning a shopper-friendly Inglewood (Los Angeles Times)

Gifts abound in Santa Ana (The Orange County Register)

Thinking outside the shoe box (The Orange County Register)

Affordable housing: Why two cities diverge (The Orange County Register)

A news brief I wrote about a woman offering sexual favors in exchange for chicken McNuggets at a Burbank McDonald’s became a national “story” and trended on Twitter.

Jay Leno mentioned it during his monologue on the “Tonight Show with Jay Leno.”


4 thoughts on “News and feature articles for the L.A. Times, others

  1. Ah, no wonder you liked the chair photo then… I think if I wasn’t writing I would’ve been a photographer and/or graphic designer. I play with a camera when I get the chance, hopefully I’ll do more of that soon. And thank you for the kind words.


    1. Hi there! Thank you. And yes, aren’t those great?! They are in Union Station in downtown L.A. (not sure where you’re located). I was testing my hand at photography with a real camera 😉 There are a few shots of those chairs I think I’m gonna frame.


      1. Hi Maria – I’m in the middle of nowhere – southern Indiana. Our business started as a photography studio – and I was a photographer for years before I converted totally to an art gallery – so I know photography. Very nice writing.


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